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Recent Releases

  • ibm_db2 1.9.6 (stable) 2014-07-23
    Fixed: Fetching of mixed character data when the application code page different from database code page
    Fixed: db2-bind-param with INOUT LOB parameters
    Enhanced: Enable iSeries system naming mode from LUW to iSeries
    Enhanced: Clear global error state at end of request
  • qb 2.4.0 (stable) 2014-07-21
    Added option to emit errors as exceptions
    Fixed issue #36 - Incorrect cast to int
    Fixed issue #39 - Incompatibility with namespace usage
    Fixed issue #40 - Incompatibility with namespace usage
    Fixed issue #42 - Inability to append to array
    Fixed issue #43 - Segfault when opcache is used
    Fixed issue #46 - Incorrect array size when initialized with empty array
    Fixed issue #48 - Memory-mapped file don ...
  • swoole 1.7.4 (stable) 2014-07-15
    - Task process support timer
    - Repair UDP error BUG
    - Add SSL-server support
    - Reload is effective for task_worker.
    - When the pipe is filled with poll is waiting for the write, rather than packet loss
    - Increase the clang compiler support
    - Repair shutdown task_worker and manager abnormal stop
  • pecl_http 2.0.7 (stable) 2014-07-11
    * General improvements to the test suite
    * Fixed http\Env\Response::send() ignoring some write errors
    * Fixed bug #67528 (RFC compliant default user agent)
    * Fixed a garbage collector issue with JSON POSTs
    * Fixed refcount issue and double free of message bodies
    * Fixed use after free if the http\Client::enqueue() closure returns TRUE
    * Fixed bug #67584 (http\Client\Response not initialized as res ...
  • sync 1.0.0 (stable) 2014-07-05
    - Initial release.
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