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Recent Releases

  • couchbase 2.0.0 (stable) 2014-09-20
    This is the first GA release of the new 2.0 PHP SDK.

    No changes since release 2.0.0beta2.
  • graphdat 1.0.3 (stable) 2014-09-18
    Stable release, linux based platforms only
  • mongo 1.5.6 (stable) 2014-09-16
    ** Bug
    * [PHP-1155] - php_mongo_io_stream_read() should revert to default_socket_timeout if socketTimeoutMS was zero
    * [PHP-1156] - Use default and block indefinitely for zero and negative connect/socket timeouts, respectively
    * [PHP-1158] - Driver emits warnings after setting connectTimeoutMS
    * [PHP-1220] - Client doesn't find Primary after election

    ** Improvement
    * [PHP-1154 ...
  • mongo 1.5.7 (stable) 2014-09-16
    ** Bug
    * Windows compile fixes.
  • pthreads 2.0.8 (stable) 2014-09-15
    resolve bugs in static class members
    resolve bug in property table write failure causing fault
    introduce Collectable convenience class for Pools
    get deep copying of functions working
    add message to termination info
    make consistent isset/empty behaviour on Threaded objects
    add Threaded::extend voodoo method
    solve system memory leaks in windows
    introduce object cache, saving on allocation for access ...
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